The Gaal House

Changing the lives of men, one man at a time.




The mission of The Gaal House is to create and maintain a sober, safe and spirit-filled environment for our male residents.  While transitioning at our residence, these men learn fiscal management, spiritual development and life skills.  By empowering them with the opportunity to succeed and prosper, they in turn can enhance and embrace their respective communities.

The Gaal House was founded in 2015 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the life-time sobriety of men by treating all the needs of each individual man.

The vision of The Gaal House is to embrace EVERY aspect of the individual’s need: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Our goal for these men is life-time sobriety and productivity.  By focusing on the individual and not just the addiction, each man is given the opportunity to be re-made whole, one man at a time. The word ‘GAAL’ means ‘KINSMAN REDEEMER’, a biblical term for one who steps in on behalf of another who needs rescue.




Our Services



While residing at The Gaal House, our residents are required to attend AA meetings, in addition to looking for and obtaining employment.  They partake of support services such as life-coping skills, job training and substance abuse counseling.  As rehabilitation has already been a part of their shared experience, this group living facility encourages these men to take the next step to return back to their communities forever sober and productive.


The Gaal House provides housing for individuals recently released from an approved alcohol/drug rehabilitation center.  By learning how to live again in an environment of support, counseling, structure and accountability, our residents are treated as individuals and each one’s needs are addressed accordingly.  This helps to insure continuity for life-long sobriety. 



Your donations will help provide housing, food, transportation, clothing and counseling for the men in our care.  Our services to the community cannot continue without our generous donors.  Please consider making a monthly donation for as little as $25.  Your contribution will truly make a difference in the Memphis community.  You can assist in helping change men's lives, one man at a time.

To reach us by mail or to donate by check:  

The Gaal House

3750 Hacks Cross, Suite 102 Box 113  

Memphis, TN  38125

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